Make Peace Your Weapon Of Choice

Divorce Doesn't Need To End Up With You Financially Sinking & Emotionally Crashing Against The Rocks


Welcome to the most comprehensive and 'plain English' online course available for people who are navigating divorce.


This course is for anyone who speaks English and is divorcing in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia - or anywhere with a fairly similar divorce process and culture.


By the end of this course:

  • You will know more about your options than many lawyers do;
  • You will know who is the right person to speak to at the right time;
  • You will know how to save yourself a great deal of money (like thousands of £s/$s);
  • You will know how to deal with a 'difficult' (possibly narcissistic) spouse/Ex and not let them take control;
  • You will know how to make the experience less stressful for your children.

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"There is very little law in family law" - (a lawyer told me that!) - which is why the guidance and resources included in this course are equally likely to keep you away from a nasty angry expensive divorce whether you are American, English, Canadian or Australian.

During this Divorce Discovery Voyage, you will:

  • Get a reality-check about the Terrain of the divorce journey;
  • Take Control of the psychological aspects and learn how to stay sane;
  • Create your own Tool Kit of experts and save yourself thousands on legal fees;
  • Devise a Travel Guide that makes sure that you focus on your ideal destination;
  • Discover ways to build Trust even in the most conflicted relationships;
  • Through Togetherness your family changing form peacefully will be the priority - it's possible, you'll see!



P.R.E.P. The Voyage™



On this divorce/separation voyage, are you confident you know the landscape well enough? 


With good preparation you will know how to avoid the icebergs, and the Bermuda Triangle of divorce - that sucks in thousands of pounds in legal bills that you really shouldn't have to pay. Gain clarity about the real landscape of divorce and be fully aware of how to avoid the traps that others fall into, and what you need to know about the three key areas of divorce: Administrative, Financial and Co-Parenting.



F.R.E.E. The Anchor™



Are you confident about your emotional strength to deal with this voyage?   


Are you ready to free the anchor of what holds you back and to be in charge of what happens next - or are you tempted to hand over your power to strangers working within a toxic family law system? How to stay sane, and how to know whether a councillor or a coach would be more helpful as support. 


The Divorce First Aid Module ensures you are able to deal with the psychological effects. 



Set S.A.I.L.™



Do you really understand what everyone does, which experts to talk to - and when? 


Setting sail on this part of the voyage leaves you feeling more in control of the process. There is very little law in family law - so who else can help you on the divorce voyage beyond your limited legal needs? Find out who are the key professionals that most people don't know can help you, and how to get the best out of them. 


You'll know who to get help from, and when, and how, to keep thousands of pounds for the kids instead of handing it over in legal bills for no better outcome. 



Set The C.O.M.P.A.S.S.™



Do you have a clear vision of the end-game? Your destination years down the road? 


Setting the compass on your future - planning ahead, and avoiding the pitfalls that others encounter - but you will also have a clear vision of your final positive destination. It's so easy to fixate on an outcome that is short-term and sometimes misconceived. Let's make sure that your end goals are well considered and will bring you true satisfaction. 



Navigate By The S.T.A.R.S.™


Is it possible to ever trust again? 


Sometimes we need to learn old skills - like modern sailers learning how to navigate by the stars - to overcome huge obstacles. Those who voyage through divorce and family separation will find that trust - even if it's there at the beginning of the process - can easily break down. This course introduces you to a variety of ways to ensure that you rebuild a new relationship - essential if children are involved.   



Calm S.E.A.S.™



How you can make sure you don't end up with a broken family.   


You will evolve into an extended family with the intention on keeping those family relationships as calm as possible.  There are boundaries and strategies you may need to adopt to make this work for you - especially if your co-parent is difficult to work with! Understanding what is needed to make sure your children don't just survive your divorce - but instead making sure they go on to thrive.




What is included:

  • Full online Divorce Discovery Voyage Course 
  • Free 1 month's access to the Secret Divorce Support Group
  • A complimentary Divorce Navigation Call/Zoom with Suzy Miller



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