Divorce Financial Workshops in Sussex

Make Divorce Finances Less Scarey - Take Control (even if you are rubbish at maths)


Spend a few hours with Divorce Strategist Suzy Miller

and Financial Planner Kirsti Cox, in the Divorce Conservatory:

  • Feel more in control of the financial aspects of your separation
  • Create a strategy for a better way to divorce and co-parent
  • Strategies on dealing with very 'difficult' spouses (behaving like narcissists)
  • Free ticket for FNF members (where both parents matter!)


(Suzy)"... has experienced the challenge of separation herself - has created a program to help you emotionally as well as practically rise to the massive challenge you face” 👍  - Alice


Discover The Massive Cost-Saving Strategies That No One Tells You About

Learn How To Manage Even Very 'Difficult' Spouses/Ex's



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What attendees said about our recent workshop:

"Thank You for an amazing workshop which was supposed to be on finance but we got so much more than that and was very beneficial.....A very fulfilling day. Lots to work on now and sort out the intricate details of my case which I feel more confident about now." VW

"Thank you for a really brilliant workshop...Emotional strategies. A warm approach to Finances...".. RA 

"Taking time to reflect.... Anon

"Thank you SO much for an amazing day.... Ina


Who is Financial Planner Kirsti Cox?


Kirsti Cox is a female Financial Adviser in Sussex. Kirsti spent a number of years employed by a global corporate and had an opportunity to fulfil a personal dream of helping people and be self employed. Her mission now is to help divorcing individuals let go of their fears around the financial aspects of divorce.

Kirsti flies in the space of ‘no regrets, do more of what you love, learn something new everyday and have FUN.



On the same workshop, would you also like to know about.......


  • How To Reduce Or Avoid Entirely Any 'Court Time' Saving On Average £25,000 - £75,000?


  • How To CoParent Successfully Even If You Don't Like The Other Parent Anymore?


  • How To Stay Psychologically In Control And Avoid The Common Mental And Physical Side Effects Of Divorce?


“The family law court-based system is toxic. If you don’t know how to navigate it you can end up broke, on anti-depressants and physically ill. Your best approach is to keep things peaceful.” Suzy Miller: Divorce Strategist


So Who IS Divorce Strategist Suzy Miller?



Suzy Miller is a campaigner for more peaceful ways to divorce.


Suzy is a professional speaker who shows divorcing and separating parents how to save thousands on their divorce and protect the children from psychological harm.


Suzy has been interviewed on BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour, appeared on BBC Breakfast TV and been featured in numerous national magazines.



Make The Divorce Finances Less Scarey - Take Control

(even if you are rubbish at maths)


Kirsti says.....


  • Why is the timing important in divorce?


There is no good time of course. There may be allowances or tax implications to consider or benefit from with regards to timing, but ultimately the key message is ‘have a plan’, consider what will stop, what will start and what will continue.


  • How can we reduce the vengeance that can spring from those experiencing the divorce process?


Its difficult as each family's situation is different. Taking responsibility for working out a fair and sustainable settlement that puts the needs of the children at the heart of the process is a good way to reduce conflict, as it reduces the fear.


  • How does a financial planning service help prepare someone for mediation/Dispute resolution?


Taking control of the finances and building a ‘now plan, in a little while plan and one day I will plan’ puts clients into a position of power, which gives them the confidence to move forwards with their situation.


This is where we hold our retreats..... in the village of Forest Row

In Suzy's Conservatory in Forest Row, Sussex, we run the workshops in a relaxed home environment.  Warning! There is a friendly dog called Ruby and two cats, who we attempt to keep away from the workshop. But they may greet you at the front door!


  • Workshops with experts in their fields…..


  • You will learn what you need to complete the divorce/separation journey in a healthy and productive way; simplifying the jigsaw puzzle of the divorce process and giving you strategies on how to troubleshoot any dilemmas that may already have surfaced.


  • Feel inspired with new-found confidence…


  • A shared experience; the opportunity to believe in a positive outcome that might currently seem ‘far fetched’; to be able to look your children in the eye in years to come and say: “I did it the right way, despite the circumstances”.


We only have limited spaces so book now rather than miss the chance and have to wait months for another one.


What People Are Saying About Divorce Strategist Suzy Miller:


"Suzy is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to divorce. She is wonderful at giving frank advice and putting you in touch with the right people." - SC


"Hi suzy.. Thanks again, you have given me some good options so I’m forever grateful, Regards" - Danniel


"Suzy was able to offer really important and comforting advice on the whole process and offer positive alternatives to help guide me through this stressful time. Her contact list is extensive and she was able to put me in touch with a many great people who were also able to offer guidance and make the process much less painless. I'm really glad I met her and feel like my journey through this difficult period has been much more positive because of it"  - KM


"Thank you for showing us an alternative way to approach divorce. It is greatly needed in the world." Sandra Elston, Energy Healer


"Suzy came up with a strategy to get through it without spending a fortune. She introduced me to some brilliant people who were all focussed on finding an amicable way through the difficult minefield that is divorce.  

She also introduced me to people who could help me with the personal impacts. It’s still a grim journey but I now feel I have a plan and a support network to draw on."  VC


"…in a room of over 100 people she shone out like a beacon of hope." Dr. Marion Bevington (LION)™


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Only £42 - INCLUDING a buffet lunch and refreshments 


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When And Where
From November 30, 2019 - 10:00 AM To 2:30 PM GMT
72 Medway Drive Forest Row RH18 5NX United Kingdom